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Living in a Cul de Sac in the suburbs for over 10 years, Sky and her father had to move out in search for a job, which her father had lost due to heavy layoffs at the factory. To Sky, moving meant leaving a great part of her life behind but most importantly, leaving Claudius behind. Sky and Claudius grew up together and everyone felt, including their parents, that they were meant for each other. After moving around and not finding a stable job for four years, Sky and her father decided to move back to their old neighborhood. But what happens when an accident in the family leaves Claudius with an empty memory of his childhood? Will he ever eventually remember Sky or will they simply have to move on and make believe that what they had for so long never happened? Fortunately, Sky's motto is "Never give up!" and she will not give up until he remembers who she is... Or will she find the task too hard and beyond repair? Stay Tuned!!

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10/8/13-- So after a long hiatus, mostly due to accidentally erasing my comics folder on my hard-drive and not being able to cope with all the data loss -.-, I've decided to re-ink and reupload some pages I had done!! I will try my best to continue the series as best as I can, now that I've graduated and have a bit more time on my hands to work on comics :D. Please be patient with me through these changes!! For now, I will be updating once a week or two as I start drawing more pages. I have about 4 more drawn up. I just need to ink them and upload them. You'll see few changes i style, but hopefully the storyline wont change. Welcome back to me and to my readers~!!

3/5/11-- No new update yet, maybe one or two (or three, depends) tomorrow. Sorry for being so slow on these. My professors are being extra nice to me with essays, trips to museums, etc...The life of an art student is not an easy (or cheap) one... Check out the picture of Sanchi that I drew on MSPaint. It's in the gallery. Thanks for stopping by ;)

2/14/11-- Happy V-day!! I don't really like Valentine's day because you can be romantic on any other day of the year xP. But it is a pretty creative holiday, specially for those companies who love to rip people off on these days. Anyway, I've decided to change the days that I will update the website because of the way my school schedule is scheduled. Hopefully tomorrow, I will have 3 new updates for RC? and maybe one for EMO. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

1/23/11-- I forgot to add it here, but a few more pages were added to the RC? comic in December. I've also took the time for the past day and a half to create a cover for the RC? book!! Not that I'm gonna print this anytime soon, but every comic needs a book cover right?? Check it out by clicking Start Here at the bottom of the page xD enjoy!! More updates coming soon.

5/5/10-- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I forgot to put that I have already posted pages 19-21(?)!! Maybe I wrote it on the homepage or something. Oh well. Yesterday I added the new cover so just click "Start Here!!" on the bottom of the posts to see it! Remember to read the posts on my homepage for these and other updates. Enjoy!

3/18/10-- New Update!! Not much to say for now. If i come up with something I'll make sure to write it down... Enjoy page 18!!

PS: Ok, so I couldn't resist myself and I made 3 more updates.... 2 more. I don't remember. Thing is, I won't let you see it 'till next week!! Why? I doubt I will be able to make any new updates and I've decided to update the site Mondays and Wednesdays. Maybe Fridays, depending. It's what most web-comics do so I might as well try it so please, CHECK BACK MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS FOR UPDATES!!! Having this schedule will also help me be more on time with the updates. Well, anyway, I'm sorry I can't release the updates any sooner but I think I've updated enough this week. Till Monday!

3/14/10-- I posted a new page a few weeks ago and now I've posted another! I know, I'm really behind with the updates. I'm being lazy and procrastinating OD. I really have to stop doing that -.-... I have like 5 more pages scanned, I just have to edit the captions. Hopefully I can finish them next weekend and start drawing a few more pages. Maybe I'll finish the chapter by the end of the month! Wish me luck! Enjoy page 15! And 14 for those who haven't checked.

PS: So yea, in the end, I ended up adding one more page so instead of just page 15, I've also added page 16 xD! I have page 17 all done, but I'm not gonna post it till tomorrow along with page 18 if I can get to it. For now, page 17 is locked!! Maybe by the end of the week I can post 19 and 20. I'm coming back baby! Oh and on page 15, you can see some background detailing that I added just to fill the empty space. Hopefully I can start doing that with all my pages now that I have Corel Painter Essentials... came with my tablet... Awesomeness!! Oh yea, for those who haven't heard, I bought a tablet! Just click on the word to see what it is. Amazon usually shows a vid with its electronic products. Anyway, enjoy!

2/7/10-- New Page 13! Next week hopefully there will be more updates! Also, I use Google Chrome ( which compared to Internet Explorer, has a better quality when looking through the site and it's like 10xs faster. Install it even if it's just to try it out. You'll never go back. Or maybe you will but w/e. That's your choice really. Anyway, enjoy the update!

1/20/10-- New Pages 9-12! Just to point it out, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, you can use the comment box at the bottom of the homepage! Just make sure you put a name or nickname I will recognize. I don't wanna guess who SuperMan is, even though I can guess who SuperBanana DramaMan is lol... Ok maybe I can't but w/e, you know what I mean... Enjoy the update!

1/16/10-- New Pages 5-8!

1/6/10-- Important! If you haven't checked out my blog or the homepage, then you probably don't know about the new update to the manga. I've added 5 new pages... to the beginning of the manga! Please read them. I feel better about the beginning of the manga now, I just hope everyone else likes it. I already got my friend Izzie's approval. Thanks girl! Enjoy everyone!

12/22/09-- Finally! I've started! I told you I may start early! You may begin! But don't expect too much, I just started... Enjoy!

12/16/09-- For now, this page will remain blank until I can start posting up the comic. In the meantime, enjoy these other links! And of course, you're also free to check out my other drawings and The Benz Comic. Enjoy!
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