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[Updated Weekly]

Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge!! In this page, I will draw someone (either someone I see on the street, maybe a friend or a professor or someone from a fashion catalog) and I will post the drawing on this page. I will do this for 30 days straight. Here is what I will [hopefully] accomplish by doing this:

1. draw outfits better

2. expand my clothing inventory (in my head of course)

3. improve my figure drawing skills

4. learn do draw some (damn) shoes... and cargo pants xD

I will add more goals as I go along but this is basically what I'm aiming for. I will provide links if it's relevant in any way to the artwork. Hopefully you will see improvement during these 30 days x3. This also gives me something to do for my website as I learn from my web comics class xD. To see the drawings for each day, just scroll down bellow. Enjoy!!

PS. Sorry if you can't read my horrible writing in the commentaries in the drawings. I am not going to translate it. Too lazy =___=... Also, if you have an outfit you would like me to draw, let know and a drawing of you may be featured on this page! Just send me an email and I'll see what I can do =]


DAY 1-- So, I'm not gonna say much about this professor yet, but he's my webcomics class professor for the summer. I am so excited about this class xD!! I just loved his style and I had to draw it x3. My first victim!! Muahaha!!!

(  ^__^)

DAY 2-- Day two of my project, I decided to draw Cole from inFamous, the video game. It looks nothing like him, but I like the clothes he's wearing in the game. In this case, I drew Evil Cole, since my brother plays the game and liked the whole red electricity thing... Speaking of, I originally had electricity coming out of the ball of lightning in his hand but after much erasing, I decided to "leave it for later" but then forgot about it... Oh wells, here's the link to what he looks like. And no, in no way was I trying to mimic the original picture. I only used it for reference to draw the outfit.

(o__O  )

DAY 3-- For day 3, I chose some girls outfit. I don't know what to call her style really. Punk? Emo? Rock? Paper? Scissors? Ok, going off topic there lol... She has a mix, which I like. I've had class with her before, I know that much... I should probably know her name by now, she probably knows mine -____-.... Anyway, I didn't feel like drawing her face and OMG  I just noticed I forgot her glasses.... Ugh, lemme finish this already, she wore a red shirt, which looked cool from the back but was really just a regular tank from the front. Disappointing, but I loved the red. Points for that dude. AND she gets an A+ for the cargo pants xD.

( -___- )

Extra!!-- So, I decided to draw a bonus, ME!! It was pretty hot out today so I actually wore a [well, two] tank tops. People who know me know that I love the heat, specially the nice feel of the warm sun on my skin. And trust me, I'm dark enough so I don't like the sun because of tans. And I'm not black, I'm Hispanic. Damn straight!! Off topic again -__-;;;... Anyway, I liked what I wore today, so I drew it. Hopefully for tomorrow, since I'll be indoors the whole day, I will be able to make two updates as well, once being a person and the other a detailed sneaker or two. I really need practice with those. And hopefully next week, I can work on drawing either pants or dresses, we shall see...

I also drew myself kinda short O.o...

( >^3^)>

DAY 4-- I decided to google an outfit since I stayed indoors for the day and I came across this cute little outfit. I really like the capri pants and I wish I owned some. I have a pair, but they're old. Like from 6th grade. They still fit me though, surprisingly, but I don't like how they look on me.... Aaanyways, sorry for the late scan. I was too lazy for scan yesterday.

(*__*  )

Extra!!-- Like I promised, I made a shoe study!! Not the best shoe ever, but it looks better than some of the crap I've made up before. This one isnt made up, I actually googled sneaker and randomly chose the Kanye West Louis Vuitton shoe.... It looked interesting.... Anyway, here it is. And it looks nothing like the original... Sigh... MUST KEEP PRACTICING!!!

( x__x )

DAY 5-- So there's a picture of me from when I was younger and it's hanging in our living room. To see me talk more about that picture, check out the gallery for another version of the picture. I wanted to practice a little bit of chibi so I drew a chibi version!! Yay xD!! I think it worked, though I drew sandals since you only see me sitting in the picture and you can't see the shoes o.o...

(  T__T)

DAY 6-- So today I went with some of the kids from church to the park, kinda like a mini-trip with the church. It was so cold and cloudy out Dx!! But there was this little girl there about 1 year old with a cute little outfit. Her leggings were soo cute!!

But yea, I decided to draw her for the day. Gives me good practice with drawing little k

(>__<  )

DAY 7-- Today, my sister's and I went to camp orientation!! Woo!! Well, no woo actually. A lot of people are going to miss out on a great week ;__;.... Anyway, the only victim I could find to draw was my sister. I didn't really pay attention to the other people there (I was too excited about everything else lol). I have this new found love for plaid though x__x lol. Oh wells, more practice for me x3. No extra for today (not that I will draw one every other day) but hopefully I get to draw something new for tomorrow. I'm just glad to see that I managed to do this for 7 days o.o... OHH YEAA!!

Why does the drawing say the 11th o.o...


DAY 8-- Like I commented in the drawing (if you can read it), it's going to be my birthday tomorrow!! Yay!! So, I thought since it may be cold out that I should draw what I was supposed to wear for tomorrow xD. I'm not used to wearing short anything (though I did draw this a bit too short) so I was gonna feel out of my comfort zone but it's OK cuz I'll be with close friends. Anyway, I guess my figure drawing is improving since I didn't have a model for this picture, Yess, good news then!! [Though the face on this one looks kinda weird (like the last one I drew) but w.e. I'm improving...]

 ( ;___;)

DAY 9-- I actually didn't draw this on the 14... I was too busy out with my friends on my birthday xD. But oh well, at least I drew this anyway. For the next few days, I wanna draw guys in outfits. If you haven't noticed, I've mostly been drawing girls when I need to concentrate on drawing guys because they are more difficult for me to draw, especially their clothes. So here you go and for those who don't know Spanish, his shirt says "plantain." I don't show enough of my pride (because I hate pride) so I decided to show some off just for today. Enjoy...

 (<__< )

DAY 10-- I'm not a big fan of suspenders but I thought I would try them out. You never know when you have to draw these kinds of things. And I'm not gonna do this often, but I'll tell you what his speech bubble says: Suspenders are sexy on men only. You heard 'im ladies. Don't wear suspenders on your short shorts. Only Misty can do stuff like that 'cuz she's make-believe. Do YOU wanna be make-believe? Didn't think so.... Well, that was pointless. Anyway, I like how this came out but I still need to work on pants...


DAY 11-- Oops, I forgot to date the drawing... Oh well. For some exersizes in my webcomics class, we had to a business man. I drew some young looking man and as I sat today thinking about what happened yesterday in class, I thought, "I suck at drawing older men."  So, for today, I decided to draw an older looking guy xD. I gotta say, I actually did a good job. I even gave him some chubbyness!! I'm not used to drawing larger people so this was a great exercise for me xD. I also learned the things I was doing wrong when I drew my young business man yesterday in class. How exciting!! Upwards 'n onwards!!

(   `___`)

DAY 12-- OMG is that a butt chin?? Why, yes it is!! Pushing boundaries again!! I like how this came out, but I guess the folding on the clothes could be better. And I drew more plaid! This actually came out well. And the sandal too. How exciting!! Now I just need to work on drawing hands x.x...

($___$  )

DAY 13-- On the train back home from school, I saw this girl with a cute little dress on!! Aww!!! But, she had crocs on which really threw me off. Whatever, her dress was a cute orange and pink, on of my favorite color combinations! And her hair was somewhat curly too, almost like a dirty blonde color. Took bad the pattern on her dress was difficult to draw. I made up some random thing there. I hope it still looks well...

( U__U )

DAY 14-- Two weeks!! How exciting!! So again, another person on the train. I like how her dress was so flowy!! I think It was also pink but I don't remember since I drew this at home from memory (which I really shouldn't do but meh...). Anyway, I still need work with anatomy. The legs and hands look kinda weird. Also, the little jacket thingy is supposed to be embroidered I guess?? Well, it has holes in it -.-. I made it decorative though.

(  TAT)

DAY 15-- ME!! I wore this outfit today. I really wanted to be comfortable today so I wore one of my larger T-shirts (with a different logo, I just decided to draw something else in (c)) and my AirWalks. Though I'd say converse huh? Nope, I like to shop at Payless for my shoes x3. Cheaper really, thought they're starting to get expensive... Anyway, until I drew myself, I didn't notice how much of a tomboy I look like sometimes x.x....

(+ .  +   )

DAY 16--  Here is my younger brother. Yes, you heard me. He is 13 and almost as tall as I am.... and getting taller. Damn kids and they're puberty stages D:<. Anyway, like every other kid in the East Coast, my brother looves videogames. So here he is, awkwardly holding a controller in his hands... Sigh, why~!! Whatever, at least he fits on the damn page while also making him look tall. I originally had his mustached there as well, but I almost made him look like a pedo man person... thing..... You get the idea.

(  /\_/\  )

DAY 17-- I finally bought the Sims 3 game!! Woo!! I made my characters for my webcomics class!! Tomorrow I will draw the next one but for now, here is the main character, Violet. I made her look older than she is, but then again, I'm pretty sure the game wouldn't let me put teens inside the house to live by themselves. Oh well. I tried out the diamond pattern. It came out ok, but I know I could do way better. And her feet almost didn't fit but since you can still see the shoes, I didn't redraw them. I decided to work on shorts for a little while so here you go.

(  g  . g)

DAY 18-- Next character in the series is Amanda. I also drew her to look a bit older x.x... I like her outfit a lot and I guess I drew it well, too. The shorts look friggin' awesome!! And even though her legs look weird, I can see how I have improved xD!! I also drew her eyes weird and I think her extended arm looks a bit big, but oh well. I'm just glad she fit on the page. She's tall too, taller than Violet actually. I just drew Violet big is all.

(@__@  )

 DAY 19-- Third character is Alex. I fit him on the page, but I think I drew his head a bit small. Nothing too major though, that's good. His leg also looks awkward ;__; but anyway, his outfit and hair were difficult to choose. The Sims game didn't have his hairstyle but I actually like this hairstyle (and face) better xD. Thanks again game. I love you!! Tomorrow, I will draw the last character. He will be a bit of a challenge to draw.....

( '__' )

DAY 20-- Fourth character is Nathan!! He is Amanda's older brother. I really didn't like how I drew his hair (again, they didn't have his hair), but I kinda like how I drew his shirt x3. His pants don't look that bad either actually. Anyway, I think my scanner didn't pick up his other foot x.x... too lazy to rescan lol. I didn't fail at anatomy either so I guess this drawing is almost a win!! How exciting :D

( ,  `3`),

DAY 21-- I didn't really like how I drew Alex here but like I might have mentioned, not a lot of outfits for guys in The Sims games. This one almost makes him look like a biker dude... Meh, I had to draw something.... Next are a few bathing suits. I hope I do well...

(c___c  )

DAY 22-- Violet again. I freakin' suck at drawing bathing suits. I really don't like how I drew Violet here but oh well. I did the best I could. Next I'll draw Nathan. It'll probably just be shorts so it shouldn't come out too bad...

 (  ' . '  )

DAY 23--  Nathan again. I guess this came out OK, but I made him look like he's 14 or something. He's supposed to be like 16 or 17. But whatever, the swimming trunks weren't a total fail. Awkward looking feet again though. Gosh... Next is Amanda...

 Sorry these are taking so long, I did finish but I've been busy since my summer classes ended in late July. I'm going into a new semester now so I hope to have the rest of these up by the end of the week!! I already have them all scanned, I just have to upload them...


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