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**Hello! My name is Daiana! It's all you need to know for now. I'm currently a college student at a CUNY, trying to become an Art Teacher, but I mostly want to teach art to kids with cancer so that they may have a little more joy in their life by expressing themselves in a positive and imaginative way.... even if it's just for a little while...


12/14/09-- Welcome to my website! I'll be updating it from time to time adding new things like drawings and stories that I make up. You may leave comments, but please respect my comic. Don't copy my ideas when I've worked so hard to create them. You are always welcome to ask me questions if you would like to use any of my drawings as your background or if you have any requests. Comment box at the end of the website. For now, enjoy this Xmas sketch I made of my siggy! Also, enjoy the Impossible Quiz while you're at it... not so impossible when there are websites with answers on em x3...  Thank you and I hope you'll have a great time every time you visit!


12/15/09-- Hello there again! Just writing a few things to know about the site!

This site is going to go through major changes as I develop it so please be patient with me. I would most likely put anything you should know about the changes in notes in the Homepage and/or in my Blog. When I start adding my comics to its respectful page, I will mark any new updates with the word NEW. To go to it, just hold Ctrl on your keyboard and press F. When the Find box pops up, type in NEW and it will take you to the newest updates. If I have removed NEW, you're probably a bit late. Then you should consider finding the last page/chapter you were last on.

Later on today, I will post a short comic I made for me and a group of friends. I might or might not continue it. That's really up to me and where my ideas will take me next x3.

One more thing I would like to note... "Remember Cookies?" is a working title, meaning, I may or may not keep it by the end of the series. I had another title in mind, but I'm not going to post the title here. I will probably mention it in my blog a little later.

That's it for today I hope. I will continue posting more drawings until I cant get "Remember Cookies?" started. I will post a brief introduction of the story in its page later on today. Have a nice stay!


12/22/09-- I have started updating the site more and more and wow is it lookin' awesome! I'm so proud of myself xD. Anyway, the Dog Diaries Blog will be started soon, maybe tomorrow or next week, and I will continue drawing and making more stuff for you guys to read. If you haven't checked yet, Remember Cookies has been started. So go! Click the link up top and start reading! And if you have any suggestions for the website or anything else, email me (my contact info is in the blog) or leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page. Enjoy and have a great stay! Thanks for those who have been reading so far!


1/4/10-- I've been updating the site a lot but not writing anything here. Sorry, guess I'm just busy GETTING SICK FOR THE NEW YEARS!! THANKS DENISE(DANIA'S FRIEND)!! But I had fun so I don't blame her too much. Anyway, I will try and speed up the drawing process as soon as I'm better so for now just enjoy what I have to offer on the site. Enjoy!



PS: I know it looks like a lot of words here, but this is where I make the updates! Some of these are fun to read and some are boring, I know, but at least skim through it because there is always something new that I have changed in any place of the website. The blogs are also important to check because I leave more important updates there. Thanks for understanding and please enjoy the update! I am soo excited about the changes I've made xD!!!


2/7/10-- NOO!! I HAVE NOOT ABANDONED MY AUDIENCE!!! Trust me when I say that I'm still getting used to school and that I think about updating the site every single day. And now that I think about it, I do have one page done for you guys that I have yet to post. It's updated and everything, I just have to updat the site for you to see it. Hopefully next week I will start drawing again and you can all enjoy 4-5 new pages of the manga "RC?" and please, any suggestions, questions, or just wanna show some love and show that you read my comic and my site, you can always leave a post in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Enjoy and see you soon!!


4/18/10-- I guess I owe everyone an explanation... I do have 2-3 pages ready to scan but... my computer caught a virus and my printer is installed on my computer and for some reason won't install on any Vista computer so I guess we'll all have to wait till I fix my computer for the next update. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now, maybe more. I think I have 2 pages to fix and post so I'll try to do that ASAP. I'm so sorry for the wait and whoever made these stupid rogue viruses needs to go to hell... now please... and if you have the same problem, bleepingcomputer.com usually have a lot of great ways to fix viruses. Check it out!


5/4/10-- Hey guys! My scanner is still going crazy but I have been working on the pages (at least that right??). Anyway, for the past 2 days, I've been working on a new cover for the "RC?" manga and I finally posted it up today! please go check it out, just click here or go all the way to the beginning of the manga to check it out! Also, I put the old cover in the RC Drawings, just in case you want to see a before-and-after. Hang in there, I hope I can post more updates soon. Thanks for your support and remember, ENJOY!!


12/6/10-- It's been almost a year since I've made this website!! Hard to believe huh? But, I have some great news!! My new scanner came in today!! Yay!! No more 5 year old scanner with retarded software that only works on XP and not Vista... I miss XP but I never got the XP CD for my CPU so I had to put Vista on it because of the virus -.-. Anyway, the scanner and the software that my new scanner comes with are awesome! I can't wait till I start scanning new stuff! I've also made a new random comic called E.M.O. I haven't really started posting anything, but I do have about 20 pages already drawn up!! If only I had 20 more "RC?" pages to share TT.TT but hey, I will soon... Just wanna give a special thanks to all the people who still follow and wait for me and for those who have inspired me to come back and fix the site and struggle to make everything better for the rebirth of the website!! Stick around cuz as soon as I'm done with my Bio final (Dec 15), I'm gonna start updating the website~! Woo~!! Enjoy your stay and see ya'll soon xD


Trust me when I tell you that you will see my siggy everywhere! I will be impersonating people in each chapter of "RC?" and you have to guess which extra character I am playing! It can be guy or girl, how fun xD!!!


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