Hello! This is my first post.First of all, excuse my sloppiness in writing. Unfortunately, it is about 12:30 am. I should be asleep but w/e. I dont care. I dont have school anymore, though I do need to study for a few upcoming final exams. Im not too worried about astronomy and my two art classes. Im more worried about math, even though Im a genius at it. When it comes to exams, however, its like my mind goes blank. I havent failed any exams for the moment, but the final exam is going to be brutal x.x. I hope I pass. Btw, Im talking about calculus part 2. Any other math lower than that, I did great in. Actually, if you ever need help.... yea you, reading this... dont hesitate to email me when I post up my contact info later on this month. Well, I gotsta go now. Battery running low on my laptop. Till next time!